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thanks for joining us i'm kristen sze. i'm eric thomas. mike is following the weather. temperatures more mild than they were yesterday morning. looking at live doppler, it is dry out there, high clouds keeping us in the 40s and 50s right now by the afternoon in the 60s and 70s noon around the bay high clouds and sunshine mid 60s by 4:00 up to 70° and we'll hang out in the upper 50s during the 7:00 hour. if you are heading around the bay and move inland, no frost this morning, temperatures in the low to upper 40s through 7:00, low to mid 60s noon, upper 60s to 70, 4:00 coast mild with mid 50s through 7:00, mid 60s noon near 70 4:00 enjoy the warm weather not going to last long. richmond into the berkeley
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area there's a look at east shore freeway beginning to get a little busy moving nicely towards the maze and bay bridge toll, some delays for cash paying folks no metering lights yet anticipating that any time no delays there westbound 4 at a street reports of big rig and car off to the shoulder, slow traffic out of the antioch area, stalled motorcycle eastbound 24, old oakland road in the right lane. 6:01. in santa clara county all lanes open again after big rig spilled its load on highway 101 southbound, in san martin at the east san martin avenue exit. chp says the big rig overturned and dumped a lot of dirt across several lanes around midnight, lanes were closed crews had to work several hours to get it cleaned up for the commute. in daly city crews will be
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back along lausanne avenue after a wall of mud came down the hillside. amy hollyfield is back at the scene this morning, with what is next for affected residents. >> reporter: it looks so much better out here this morning. now the residents are a little nervous, could this happen again? the city officials still have a lot of work to do to build confidence of the residents. it took all day yesterday to clean the mud out, the mud invaded this neighborhood in daly city about 4:30 in the morning when a pipe broke and 45,000 gallons of water came rushing in, mud coated the streets. now the concern is the rain in the forecast for later this week and what that will mean for this waterlogged hillside in this neighborhood. >> worried about another avalanche. worried if it rains and comes down again there will be major
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flooding. >> reporter: homes were evacuated yesterday not because of damage, the homes were fine, but because officials were worried the hillside might go. they allowed them back in, people are now nervous especially with that rain coming. city officials will spend the next three days putting hay and sandbags out to absorb the water and any debris that tries to come down that hillside again. they want to have it winterized and ready to go before the storm gets here. if people did -- the people who did have damage to their cars here from all of that mud, can file claims with the city and are encouraged to do so right away probably today to get the paperwork going. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. 6:03. officials expect san francisco's city hall to open for business as usual after a small fire forced the building to be evacuated last night. firefighters used large fans
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to vent the smoke after an electrical fire broke out in the basement. the fire was contained to the area around an electrical panel it triggered an alarms and set off one sprinkler. deputies evacuated people who were attending a reception in the rotunda. terry mcsweeney will have more with a live report from city hall coming up. in san francisco this morning police are looking for the man who slashed another man onboard a muni bus monday in the height ashbury neighborhood, two -- haight ashbury neighborhood. the suspect ran from the scene. he's believed to be in his 40s or 50s. richmond will install four new cameras aimed at reducing crime in the 23rd street shopping area. police and community leaders are welcoming the new overhead cameras to be installed in the next couple of months those cameras were donated by
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chevron a few years ago but the city didn't have the money or the wiring. the new cameras will add to the 40 cameras in richmond monitored by retired police officers. defense secretary panetta is in australia this morning where he cautioned against reaching early conclusions about the veracity of allegations against the top united states commander in afghanistan general john allen now under investigation for what pentagon officials have said may be inappropriate correspondence with jill kelley, a florida woman linked to david petraeus' sex scandal. fbi and cia are expected to brief lawmakers on the scandal. katie marzullo will have the latest in a live report in the next half hour. good news for skiers. start hitting the slopes at heavenly and north star
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starting today the season is beginning a week earlier thanks to cold temperatures for snow making and the storms we had last week not all the runs will be open until they get more storms and more snow but enough for visitors to get an early taste of winter squaw valley set to open this weekend bore real opened last -- week. overnight the problem with the prius and other cars leading toyota to recall millions of vehicles around the globe.
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welcome back. temperatures above average, low 70s in many areas, mid to upper 60s in places like san rafael, richmond, napa, as we head through the next three days, temperatures are going to stay mild even with the system bringing a chance of showers thursday evening mid 60s to 70, low to mid 60s
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showers friday and mover rain likely saturday, a little cooler than upper 50s at the coast low to mid 60s for the rest of us. metering lights just turned on, bay bridge toll now predictably, stall in the fastrak lane 4 and lights off, you may not see it be careful if you are in the fastrak you can see fastrak and carpool lanes are getting by with no problems southbound 680 past andreotti accident blocking left lane. eastbound 24 old tunnel road stalled motorcycle apparently the motorcycleist is standing in the left lane -- motorcyclist is standing in the left lane of the westbound 580 santeria, new accident in the right lane. new this morning, toyota announced overnight recalling more than 2 1/2 million cars because of faulty water pumps, recall affects nearly 700,000 prius hybrids in the u.s..
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this is the latest recall to hit the japanese carmaker a month ago toyota recalled more than seven million because of power window switch problem that could lead to possible fires. gas prices continue fall across the state and across the bay area. average statewide price for regular unleaded is $3.85, san francisco $3.95 in oakland and san jose the prices lower than the statewide average, oakland $3.83, san jose $3.80. still ahead, keeping men faithful in relationships. new science that says it could come down to a nasal spray. >> this you gotta hear. he's one of president obama's most vocal critics. now the donald's attacks could cost him a lucrative business deal. new lawsuit that
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ferry building is in blue to commemorate world diabetes day. san francisco with many cities around the country and world are going to be celebrated world diabetes day. one of the ways to bring awareness is have the ferry building blue and make you think about all those people with diabetes and what you can do to keep yourself from getting it. 6:14. rare tornado hit japan today, all caught on camera, japanese television showed this footage of the large tornado over the ocean it lasted 10 minutes before arriving on land. so far no damage or injuries.
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there are more warnings about strong winds, lightning and tornadoes. in sardinia, new video shows hundreds of laid off aluminum employees protesting loss of their jobs and clashing with police this happened yesterday outside of the plant owned by alcoa part of a series of demonstrations across europe where union coordinated general strikes are taking place. the day many facebook investors have dreaded the largest block of shares hits the market today up to 800 million shares of facebook stock freed from so-called lock-up restrictions. analysts warned an influx of shares could cause the price to fall further than it did when smaller lock-ups expired in recent months. facebook stock closed yesterday at $19.86. macy's is facing increasing pressure to dump
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donald trump and his clothing line from stores this is when trump backed mitt romney more than 500,000 people have added their names to an online petition asking macy's to end its partnership with the real y[j"5jg.÷s>ç⌜jrñihz>ñ)zá: reelection.>in some customers say while the message offered pizza deals they received up to 15 text messages in a row sometimes in the middle of the night. the suit is asking papa john's for $500 per text. the company is blaming the unwanted text messages on its franchise holders. new research suggests a nasal spray could keep men faithful. researchers in germany gave 86
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men a whiff and after they were more likely to keep a greater physical distance between themselves and women they didn't know. doctors say it has been identified as a key factor in fidelity in animals and appears to play a similar role in humans. >> you got a cold, no, just trying to stay true. >> thanks for sniffing that story out for us. my son just got a knew nasal spray. >> what? >> you should be happy about that. >> he's not married, is he? >> no, he's only 16. >> you take that nasal spray back. 6:17. chew on that for a while. i have to wrap my head around that one. beautiful colors of the cool morning giving way to warm sunshine, gorgeous shot from sutro you can see a little reflection on the bay, capture that one and put that one in
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frame. live doppler checking out the clouds maybe not as pretty as that picture, definitely working as it sits on top of mount st. helena this morning in anticipation of showers tomorrow evening, friday, saturday, sunday, monday. pattern definitely going to change after today's warm weather. we are going to look at temperatures, dipped into the 30s inland fairfield and napa, 40s elsewhere, 40s along the peninsula, east bay shore, to san francisco out to the coast, mid to upper 50s, 50 watsonville, 55 salinas, low to mid 40s gilroy, monterey and santa cruz. i believe we'll have high clouds today and warmest afternoon more clouds mild at night coming next couple of nights unsettled weather starts tomorrow evening through monday. if you have your sprinkler system on, turn it off.
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napa two degrees warmer than yesterday, compared to average excuse me san jose four degrees warmer and thafrpblg live more five, redwood city 7, most temperatures in the low 70s this afternoon, a few exceptions, antioch, vallejo, napa, richmond, san rafael, you are the ones that won't make it to 70 still mild. mid 70s inland, quiet on our oceans even with storm system gathering ought to be good for crab fishing today, tonight 40s inland, 50s bay out to the coast. high pressure still holding, moved away by an area of low pressure developing further west you can see it is throwing high clouds at us going to sit out here the next 24 hours and develop, pick up moisture, mild temperatures
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and start to depositing that in our neighborhoods during the latter parts of the evening thursday 5 you see how much thicker the clouds are. rain moves in after midnight hangs around for the morning commute, waves of rain will continue around noon, again during the afternoon and the evening hours we could get another healthy set of rain even showers thunderstorms, not out of the forecast not out of the possibility or probability. rainfall amounts healthy through monday, inch and a half to inches around the bay, possibly three inches up in the north bay mountains that means in the sierra more snow. check out the temperatures over the weekend, struggling into the 50s and 60s with that colder storm coming in from alaska. have a great day. snow and heavenly and north star opening today. closer to home accident southbound 680 at andreotti in
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the clearing stages left lane block eastbound 24 old tunnel road stalled motorcycle in the left lane. southbound 880 off-ramp to the alameda and northbound on-ramp to the alameda closed for emergency roadwork. they open to have them reopened by this afternoon. 580 on the waze app it is heavy traffic looking at yellow lines spotters reporting out of tracy up and over the altamont pass. earlier accident santa rita chp unable to locate, good news, highway 4 drive westbound, minor accident on the shoulder just been cleared out of lanes it is slow as you head towards the concord area. right now what is trending
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on twitter in the bay area: chanum tatum is this year's sexiest man alive. he didn't believe it when he found out he told people he was surprised. if you want to comment on that go to our facebook page. also trending thanksgiving, indian festival of lights began yesterday. and hump day, today wednesday. follow us at abc7 news bay area. the 9ers' smith wants a second opinion. >> he's the bay area football coach facing an uncertain future the meeting cal's coach is having this weekend that could determine his next move.
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new information on a story we've been following. word from abc news that nancy pelosi will be staying on as house minority leader. the congresswoman from san francisco has a news conference at 7:00 this morning. we knew she was going to make announcement regarding that there was speculation whether she will remain as leader of the democrats in the house and whether she will serve out her two year term. she says she will not only serve out the two years of term and she will also stay onq@ as house minority leader. we'll continue to follow this. remember that news conference is coming up at 7:00, stay with abc7 and 49er quarterback smith is reportedly seeking a second opinion. smith suffered a concussion sunday that forced him out of the game he met with an independent neurologist monday.
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according to -- he's decide towed seek further medical advice. has to be medically -- cleared before he can play monday. jay cutler also out with a concussion. cal football coach could find out sunday if he will continue with the team. he is set to meet with the athletic director the bears are 3 and 8 and finished a dismal season saturday night. he will sit down and talk about the future and whether there is one for him in b . the change will come at a price his buy-out would be 6.9 million dollars. next, what president obama is doing today for the first time since winning reelection. happening overnight, east bay fire leaving a family of four homeless and a firefighter injured. it is the cia sex scandal from the pentagon to florida to afghanistan. the meeting happening today as an angry congress tries to figure out the next move.
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>> reporter: i'm terry mcsweeney live at city hall, just finding out from mayor lee's office that it is not going to be business as usual here today. after last night's electrical explosion and fire that caused an evacuation,
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good morning on this wednesday look how gorgeous it is out there, skies orange before the sun rises going to be a great and warm day in the bay area. thanks for joining us i'm kristen sze. i'm eric thomas. how warm? mike has the answer. above average. good morning. here's a look at live doppler, clouds on this perspective, nothing falling from high clouds, just a lot of ice
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crystals passing through with high clouds you may be able to see more sun dogs like we had yesterday those areas that look like rainbows on both side of the sun is going to be possible again today. mid 60s at noon, near 70 through the afternoon hours. if you are going to be in our inland neighborhoods, cooler in the low 40s to upper 40s by noon around the mid 60s, around 70 at 4:00, head out to the coast, it going to be just as warm, mid 50s right now through 7:00, mid 60s at noon, near 70 at 4:00. this is the last day of above average temperatures, we'll show you a cooling trend and wet weather in a minute. here's sue. good morning. live look at the -- [ inaudible ] now metering lights on, traffic backed to the west grand overcrossing. earlier stall gone, southbound
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680 past andreotti accident just cleared traffic backed to sunol boulevard. more on breaking news out of washington. abc news has learned that representative nancy pelosi of san francisco will continue as house minority leader for at least two more years. >> her meeting with democratic leadership team now her decision to stay is likely to leave the current democratic leadership team almost entirely in place she is set to hold a news conference at 7 a.m. from capitol hill we will stream that live on also from washington this morning, president obama has scheduled his first news conference since the election and abc7 news will carry it live starting at 10:30 this morning. work continues to cleanup san francisco city hall after a fire and explosion in the basement.
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terry mcsweeney just tweeted everything is not going to be back to normal this morning. >> reporter: i just got off the phone with a spokeswoman from the mayor's office. the first and second floors are working under normal power. you can see lights on, on all the floors, the third and fourth on generator power they consider the generator power to be iffy to have those offices open today. first and second floor as usual, third and fourth floors not until regular power gets restore 3rd expecting that sometime this afternoon. city attorneys and economic development department they will be notified employees in those offices, following city protocol as to what they should do with regards to work today. look at the scene last night 9 30 the firefighters were called out after what they are -- what they are call ago electrical explosion and fire
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in the basement of city hall, the fire triggered the sprinkler system which lead to an inch of water in the basement. crews are out here now, mopping that up, cleaning up the basement, getting things back to normal there. while all that was going on, there was a party at city hall, the people who were there were escorted out very orderly. >> pretty calm theme appear alarms went off, lights started flickering sheriffs asked people to exit the building. >> smell smoke? >> i never did, not until we got out. >> reporter: no injuries reported as a result of any ofíq this. damage assessment for that electrical box that blew is going to be happening sometime later today. the news this morning, despite the hopes last night that it was going to be business as usual, the first and second floors will have business as
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usual they are under normal power. third and fourth floors are under the power from generators, they are not going to be opening until this afternoon when full power is expected to be restored. anybody working on those floors or anybody with business on those floors is going to be notified via city protocol. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. 6:35. four people escaped unharmed from their home after a fire broke out in the middle of the night. that fire started in the attic of a home on sherwood forest drive before 12:30 this morning. firefighters stopped the fire from reaching rest of the home and nearby houses they say the design of the roof made it hard to reach the flames one firefighter suffered minor injury to his arm he's expected to be fine. we said -- the the president could make his first
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public appearance in the sex scandal involving david petraeus. congress is demanding its own answers into the widening scandal. >> reporter: widening indeed. petraeus' mistress may be in more trouble. abc news has learned paula broadwell is suspected of storing significant amounts of military documents at her home possibly in violation of federal law. a source familiar with the case tells abc news broadwell admitted she took the documents from secure government building. we are seeing her for the first time since the news of her affair with petraeus broke. this morning the fbi and cia are expected to brief members of the house lawmakers want to know if national security was threatened during any of this. yesterday we learned the fbi did find classified documents on broadwell's computer they do not think those came from petraeus. the other woman whose e-mails with general allen are under investigation, jill kelley she
6:37 am
called 911 last night and told the operator the media was on her property and tried to use honorary counsul to get special treatment. >> reporter: kelley's title as honorary counsul to south korea is voluntary, symbolic and does not afford her any special rights. allen denies any affair can kelley. defense secretary panetta said no one should leap to any conclusions. katie marzullo, abc7 news. walnut creek police hope you might recognize this suspected kidnapper caught on camera when he shed his mask for one moment during the crime. detectives say this man is one of the kidnappers who abducted a woman who works for pg&e at
6:38 am
the shadelands business center last week. she said they tied her up, blindfolded her and drove her to two atm's. kidnappers left her near the caldecott tunnel in oakland. traffic and weather together, next on the abc7 news. live look outside, as you can see with this shot of the bay bridge and the sunrising in the east, mike will have the full forecast. sue hall will have the latest traffic information. also, the new moves being made by uc board of regents on a controversial fee hike one week after voters approved !
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check out the scene from our roof cam this morning as we uplight the clouds,
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beautiful-looking picture i'm capturing more on our tower cams and putting them on my facebook page. five mile visibility in santa rosa, whatever fog was there is starting to lift the rest of us are okay. this afternoon we are going to start in the 30s, 40s and 50s, a lot of microclimates this morning. as we head into the afternoon we are going to homogenize to temperatures in the upper 60s to near 70°, a few low 70s it will be our warmest afternoon in the forecast. showers possible tomorrow eve , -- evening, better chance friday more wet weather through the weekend. sluggish out of novato southbound 101 once you reach lucas valley road things pick up live camera past the civic center freitas parkway and north san pedro thumbs up for the golden gate bridge, light
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traffic, no fog traffic moving at the limit through the toll into san francisco. earlier accident southbound 680 past andreotti in the sunol grade cleared, traffic slow from the sunol boulevard new accident north 280 blocking ramp to highway 1 in the pacifica area lakeville road highway 37 accident cleared to the shoulder southbound 680 new accident in the high occupancy commute 6:42. >> you double-edgeness fans the wait is over. -- you dungeness fans the wait is over but the price you have to pay. will there be new fee hikes for uc students days after california voters approved a tax hike to fund schools? trading underway on wall street. dow is up 2 1/2 points. live to jane king at the new
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welcome back. here's a look at doppler radar covering the entire state, dry out there no matter where you are going high clouds and sun everywhere today mild from 53 in tahoe to 64 in yosemite, upper 60s to low 70s through the central valley, big sur 73°, san diego 71 near 80 in l.a. and palm springs. safe travels. let's check in with josh elliot for what is coming up on "good morning america." good wednesday morning many coming up here, why is this woman, carrying a sign proclaiming herself to be an idiot? what if i told you it was
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punishment for a traffic violation. we'll tell you about it, how people are reacting a story you first heard about here on "good morning america" which is screen, because it is next, right here on "good morning america." >> that comes up in 14 minutes. right now this story. governor brown plans to appear this morning at a uc regents meeting in san francisco to urge officials to control costs and avoid another fee hike for students. regented -- regented shelves proposed hike vote for now. yesterday yesterday a panel decided to postpone a fee increase. brown says both systems have to keep a lid on costs a week after voters approved prop 30. crab season opens today we should expect to shell out a little more this year. fishermen struck a victory when wholesalers agreed to their asking price of $3 per pound, a different course than
6:47 am
the two sides have followed in the past two years by haggling for weeks and delaying the crab season to the dismay of crab lovers. last year fishermen got $2 -- got $2.25. abc7 co-sponsoring another job fair from noon to 4:00 all details on, under see it on tv. samsung offering new deal to potential customers. tech stocks, facebook getting a lot of attention. >> let's check in with jane king live at the new york stock exchange. good morning. all systems go at cisco systems this morning out with a bigger than expected quarterly profit helping to president optimism about the tech industry.
6:48 am
shares are trading higher. today we are tracking shares of advanced microdevices they surged yesterday on a report that pc processors was considering selling itself. [ inaudible ] reuters yesterday reported -- retailers taking a direct hit from center storm sandy as -- shoppers brought water and generators instead of winter an -- [ unintelligible ]
6:49 am
facebook shares are higher despite the fact that millions of shares may be hitting the market t-mobile offering galaxy for free this saturday and friday to days only, if you sign pup for a new two year contract you have to pay for it -- upfront then you get a gift card for what you pay. samsung has already sold 30 million of the wildly popular smartphones. live at the new york stock exchange, i'm jane king. 6:49. >> variety sums it up what we have on our plate for weather this week. interesting november from record highs to snow to back to warmer than average temperatures, chilly rain and thunderstorms again, we've got it all coming up on 6:50 beautiful picture showing the different colors of the
6:50 am
impending morning sunrise. you can see a lot of cloud cover, no radar returns, we'll keep it cranked, tomorrow evening, through next monday we are going to have wet weather. temperatures, chilly still in fairfield and napa, coolest there, 38, rest of us in the 40s and 50s, near 60 still at half moon bay. 50 watsonville, 55 salinas, gilroy, santa cruz and monterey 40s. afternoon high clouds today our warmest in the forecast more clouds at night that means mild temperatures continue overnight it gets unsettled tomorrow evening all the way through monday evening. temperatures compared to average, two december warmer in napa with 68, 72 san jose's four, livermore 70 five, san francisco 70, six degrees warmer than average, redwood 72 at seven oakland eight degrees warmer than average. the reason why, high pressure still holding this warm air
6:51 am
mass on top of us, you can see high clouds streaming from the west blow off from this next system developing far offshore going to stay the better part of today and tomorrow gathering moisture and keeping us in a very mild flow, even tomorrow when we get thicker clouds like at 5:00 tomorrow evening temperatures still mild if not average, one the sunsets, which happens around 5, moisture starts to come in scattered shower or two during the evening better chance wall of water friday morning at 2:00, hanging around through the morning commute, more scattered towards noon, another push is going to come in during the evening hours be prepared for wet weather for your friday plans. rainfall amounts from one to three rinse -- three inches of rain, the one saturday, sunday, monday, dropping from alaska, going to be much cooler, chance of thunderstorms again with that system.
6:52 am
have a great day. if your travels take you through orinda, lafayette highway 24 westbound headlights towards the caldecott tunnel making the turn in company no major delays towards the caldecott. southbound 680 at treat different story, delays there because of an accident in the left lane commute lane high occupancy vehicle lane slowing back to 242 in concord. this is the waze app and hopefully we'll have a look eight, showing 580 out of central valley, -- a look at it, showing 580 out of the central valley it is jammed altamont pass into the dublin pleasanton area, otherwise slow out of antioch. you can get in app if you can find it -- there it is, at the abc 7 app store. ahead, five things to know before you go, including an announcement from nancy pelosi
6:53 am
on whether she is staying on as house minority
6:54 am
good morning it is 6:54. beautiful shot from north bay, down towards the bay there, beautiful clouds, sunrise in the east, mike will have more in the forecast coming up. here are five things to know before you go: number one, san francisco officials just announced the third and fourth floors of city hall will not reopen until power is restored this afternoon. the building is running on generator power after a fire in an electrical panel last night. that fire caused sprinklers to spray water in part of the basement. >> number two, crews will continue shoring up a daly city hillside with hay and sandbags they cleaned up the muddy mess left from a pipe
6:55 am
that ruptured yesterday, people are worried that weekend rain could cause the mud to flow again. >> number three, breaking news, abc news has learned representative nancy pelosi will continue as house minority leader for at least two more years. the longtime democrat met with party leaders within the past hour and set to hold a news conference in a couple of minutes at 7 a.m.. we will stream it live on >> number four, president obama holding his first news conference since the last week's election he is expected to talk this morning about the looming fiscal live, also expected to make first public comments on the widening sex scandal involving david petraeus. abc7 news -- >> number five, toyota announced recall overnight affecting two million cars because of faulty water pumps, it includes 700,000 prius hybrids in the united states.
6:56 am
final check on your weather. we start with current conditions, stepping out now, 38 fairfield and napa, 40s inland to mountain view, san jose, los gatos, low to mid 50s, fremont, redwood city, oakland, san francisco, 59 half moon bay. this afternoon everybody in the upper 60s to low 70s maybe a few mid 70s around the bay. bay bridge toll metering lights on we have first reports of an accident at the toll plaza we'll verify that when we come back during "good morning america." traffic is bumper-to-bumper backed to the west grand overcrossing, waze app showing southbound 680 walnut creek due to accident at treat, slow out of -- of pleasant hill in the concord area rough one there. thank you for joining us for the abc7 morning news. we continue in 25 minutes with news, weather and traffic
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during "good morning america." in a few minutes you can watch in 's news conference streamed live on -- have a good day. [ male announcer ] steak combos.
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featured now at sizzler. tri tip sirloin with fried shrimp, malibu chicken, or grilled shrimp. starting at just $9.99. sizzler.
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good morning, america.

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